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Full Client Process from time of Request to Time of post follow up

Entertainment-Online.co.za offers a very unique service. While services are similar to those of an Entertainment Agency, the process from the way we find clients, to the way we process requests, and finalize details is very unique. Our focus is regular and fast communication, attention to detail and access to helpful and informative information and resources.

The point of Entertainment-Online.co.za is easy access to information, quotes and a convenient booking service.  

Summary of processes:

  • Client makes contact
  • First response
  • On a consultants desk
  • Availability of a supplier
  • Formal quote
  • Post quoting
  • Client accepts a formal quote
  • Invoice is issued
  • Payment has been made
  • Confirmation
  • Service delivery
  • Post delivery

Any questions can be directed to info@entertainment-online.co.za


Full Process

1. Client makes contact with Entertainment-Online.co.za generally via:

  • E-mail
  • request form
  • request phone line
  • directly with consultant
  • online chat room (available during working hours)


2. Entertainment-Online.co.za guarantees a first response by e-mail within 12 working hours or less (with an average response time of less than 2 hours).

A first response will generally be sent from the e-mail address requests / info @entertainment-online.co.za and can include:

  • Referral e-mail: details of consultant dealing with the client’s request and a unique reference number starting with an "EO" - this unique number helps the consultant, the suppliers, and our admin department to quickly track the status of a request, past client requests, similar service requests and a lot of other helpful information. A sms notification may be sent to the client with similar information if the client provides a cell number with their original request,
  • and/or starting costs of the supplier, and / or then a referral e-mail,
  • and/or questions and information relating to the service, and / or then a referral e-mail.

In some instances the client will be informed that we cannot assist, generally in cases that:

  • their preferred spend they indicated (request form or e-mail) does not fit within the cost of the supplier they requested,
  • their event is a private function or an event type that the relevant supplier is not able to perform at.


3. On a consultants desk. Once a consultant has received a client referral from request / info @entertainment-online.co.za, they have 8 working hours or less to respond. Responses can include:

  • Introduction and basic information
  • Starting costs
  • Informal quote
  • Questions needing responses before further assistance can be offered

Consultants are there to look after clients and offer as much information as possible within our service mandate.

A consultant must stay in regular, if not daily, contact with each client via e-mail.


4. A consultant may check availability of a supplier. Depending on the supplier - availability can take 1-168 hour/s (1 week) - average availability takes 8 working hours. During peak season (August - December) checking availability can take longer.

  • Celebrity suppliers are generally booked at least 6-10 weeks in advance or availability is unlikely / rare. 
  • Celebrity circuit suppliers are generally booked at least 8-12 weeks in advance or availability is unlikely / rare. 

Once a consultant has availability, they may:

  • offer an informal quote (if the client is not wanting to accept a quote within 72 hours),
  • or offer a formal quote (if a client indicates a definite wish to accept services: a formal quote includes a service agreement and booking terms),
  • or request further information and then offer a informal / formal quote.


5. In the instance that a consultant prepares a formal quote, a full service agreement is compiled. This document includes extensive service delivery information and supplier requirements.

A copy of the terms on a service agreement can be viewed at the following link: <Click Here>

The consultant must inform the client a formal quote is being prepared, what e-mail address the quote will be sent from.

Quotes are sent from quotes@sa-online-services.co.za because formal quotes are sent from SA Online’s admin department and there they are proofed for errors, adobed and then e-mailed; and when details are provided faxed as well as a sms notification.

The following Monday, SA Online will send a follow up e-mail to rate the overall service thus far.


6. Post quoting

Within 12 working hours a consultant must contact a client to confirm that they received the quote as well as offer to explain of any terms and answer any questions they may have regarding the service agreement. This must be done via e-mail and/or phone.


7. Should a client accept a formal quote, the consultant has to recheck availability with the supplier before an invoice is issued.

If a supplier is available, the consultant will instruct SA Online to issue an invoice. Invoices are sent from invoices@sa-online-services.co.za and to the nominated client’s fax.

If a supplier is no longer available, a consultant will inform the client and try to assist with an alternative supplier.


8. Once an invoice is issued, a client will have a period of time to make a payment - such details will be included on the service agreement in the formal quote and either a deposit or full payment depending on the circumstances of the booking.


9. Once payment has been made (payment slips are sent to payments@sa-online-services.co.za) the consultant’s next job is to ensure that all support services are finalized and arrange a service agreement with suppliers - this can include technical, travel, hospitality and many other services required for a service to be delivered - depending on the service agreement, support services are the responsibility of either the client, the supplier or SA Online.

Generally at this point, a consultant can offer final confirmation to the client and the supplier.

A consultant must contact the client and suppliers at least 1 week prior the service delivery date to reconfirm details and again 8 working hours prior service delivery. A client and supplier might receive a sms notification with relevant information.


10. Service delivery. In some instances (when displayed on quote), an on site Rep / Coordinator will be provided as part of the service. The Rep / Coordinator has to be on site and meet with client and suppliers and go over a final brief with both parties and ensure that service commence as per service agreement.

During service delivery a consultant has to be available on their phone or appoint a Rep / Coordinator or co-consultant to be available. A client or supplier is also able to contact the department manager via the 24 hour request line.


11. Post delivery. A consultant must follow up with the client and supplier to ensure that services were delivered as per the service agreement.


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