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stilt walkers durban

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Learning to stilt walk:

I have been a professional stilt walk for over a decade now. I have performed all over the world at many different venues and events. From TV commercials and casino stages to Stilt Walkers Durban and music festivals. After successfully teaching many people to walk on stilts as apposed to falling, I can say with confidence that my technique works. This is a quicker and easier way to become a self-confident stilt walkers Durban.

stilt walkers durban

How do I learn to stilt walk?

The best and most obvious way to learn how to stilt walk is with a tutor. However, this is not always possible; in which case here are a few pointers.

stilt walkers durban

What Stilt Walkers Durban use?

There are 3 main types of stilts used by stilt walkers Durban today. The most commonly used stilts are “single pole” stilts. These stilts have been used in circuses for centuries. Most people are familiar with these. Another type of stilt commonly used is the “drywall” stilt. These stilts are hinged with a wide base making them more stable. These were primarily developed for use by plasterers. Thirdly, “poweriser” stilts are commonly used. These enable the stilt walker to leap, jump and run.

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