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Stilt Walker Costumes and Extra equipment

There are some extra pieces of equipment that I would recommend. Firstly (and MOST importantly), knee pads are required even when you are at a professional level. These can save you from severe injury. Secondly, shin pads are excellent for making your stilts more comfortable. All types of stilts need to be strapped on tight. The shin pads will protect your legs from the straps as they can become quite painful after extended periods of walking/performing. Also for the absolute beginner wrist guards and a helmet will help protect you from most falls. Further, these will help you feel a little safer when starting.

Stilt Walker Costumes: Drywall stilts are the easiest to use and easiest to learn on. Using these is the closest to walking with your own legs! However, these have disadvantages too. They can be expensive, especially to repair. They have large feet, which makes them less versatile for costuming. They can be noisy too, and often sound like Dr. Strangelove's arm. These really are geared for use by beginners. However, a professional stilt walker will use them in limited circumstances for certain performances. They are excellent for stationary costumes like statues, jugglers and big heavy costumes.

Stilt Walker Costumes: Pole stilts are the most commonly used stilts by performers. These are a lot harder to learn on. However, pole stilts allow for more graceful movement once you have mastered them. There are many variations of pole stilt, from home made wooden stilts to aluminium stilts. Some have the brace up the back and some up the side. Some stilts use Velcro straps, and some bolt the shoes in. I prefer aluminium stilts with a brace up the side and my shoes bolted in for my performances. Shoes bolted in are more secure as Velcro allows for more movement in the foot, which is generally undesirable. Side braces can often feel more secure for advanced movements.

Stilt Walker Costumes: Finally there are powerised jumping stilts. These have a curved spring loaded pole which uses the down force of your weight to provide lift, much like having a trampoline strapped to your foot. These are great fun and you can get some big air and great speed up on them. Costuming is sometimes restricted with the “poweriser” jumping stilts. These certainly do take some practice. It is harder to become more advanced on these due to the acrobatic nature of the exercises these make possible. Once you got all this down, then there is the Stilt Walker Costumes. You can either design yourself one or you can buy one. Some places can tailor make you one from your design. The Stilt walker costume will help complete your act as a stilt walker.

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